I Haven’t Faked My Own Death

Hey all.  Just writing a quick update to let you know I haven’t faked my death and vanished to Antarctica.  It’s just that life, the universe, and, well, you know, all that other stuff, is going pretty slowly right now, so there’s only so much to talk about.

I will say, I’m very happy to have ace cameraman and all-round great guy David Burns working with me on my new film, “Nacre”, to be filmed this August.  He’s a real artist.  Working with him has been like playing tennis, except we’re both on the same team, which means we both win.  Well, unless he comes up with a better idea than I do, which is often, that’s a devastating loss.  Pity me! Only joking, it’s been a real privilege to have him on board.

Anyway, things are looking up in Ben Johnson land at the moment.  More updates, and hopefully reviews, to come in the near future.

– Ben J.

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