Life happens

Since my last blog post, I mentioned very briefly that we were in the middle of pre-production, soon to be going into principal photography on a project I’ve been fairly quiet about this year. I made a comment about how I didn’t really want to talk about it until we had our first shot off so I could have actual proof we were making this happen.

Unfortunately, my intuition of keeping quiet was well trained and not having made any promises to the rest of the world about what was to come was the right choice. For reasons outside of my control, outside of anyone’s control really (and really more of a larger problem in the way our entire system is structured), we had to put the breaks on the project entirely. It’s something I hope we can return to in the not too distant future, but due to the circumstances we found ourselves in, there was no practical way to move forward. I’m deeply disappointed that all of the work I and my colleagues have put into the project will have to sit on ice, but there are powerful lessons to be learned and practiced from something like this.

We may not get to see our work fulfilled this time around, but there’s a reassurance in our ability to plan and execute with what resources we currently have available. I like to see this as a crash course in preparedness, like a mock production where we set plans under very strict, “abstract” guidelines. Everyone needs to continually practice their craft if they plan to improve and grow. Now that my pre-production and development muscles are thoroughly stretched, we can go into our next project with the same energy carried over from the last.

Thankfully, we have a small handful of projects that were ready to go, so to speak, so the plan now is to jump straight into those as a means to keep that momentum we built up the last four months up instead of letting it falter under the disappointment of how things turned out on the last project.

Life happens, and you have to just keep pushing forward in the face of adversity. Onward and upward.

-Alex S.

  • Photo credit: Brenden Noll

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