Quick Update from the World of Pick Up Pre-Production

A sense of urgency is a necessary trait when you are working in film production. It’s a survival tool, and often is what gets you through some of the most challenging adversity when working on film projects.

That’s about where I am at the moment as we finish up last minute planning and tying up loose ends before we go into shooting pick ups for our film “Beside You”. So it’s with a sense of urgency that I write this week’s entry in between locking down some crew members and location information so we have a smooth two day pick up shoot next weekend. But once these last few bumps in the road are totally handled, we’ll be able to roll into our shoot with a solid footing and head on our shoulders (which, in production, often looks like a hydra between your department heads trying to coordinate multiple worlds to land on a common ground for the final product).

We will likely be radio silent the next week or two as we finish up preparations on our project, but there will be some exciting news to come in the near future, just you wait! Stay tuned 🙂

– Alex S.


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